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One Way Car Rental

One Way Car Rental

If you’re searching for a one way car rental in Rwanda, Car Rental Kigali provides the most dependable self-drive car hiring services for exploring Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Depending on the traveller’s itinerary, the one-way car rental can start in Rwanda and end anywhere.

We make every effort to give you as many flexible travel alternatives as we can, especially if doing so will make your life simpler. You are not required to pick up and drop off your rental car at the same location for Car Rental Kigali. You have the option to pick it up in one city or nation at the beginning of your trip and drop it off in another at the conclusion.

Pick from our selection of 4×4 rentals and take advantage of one way car rental deals that include unlimited kilometers and fuel, making it simple for you to hit the open road. With the ease of one-way rentals, take control of your travels.

You are under no obligation to pick up and drop off a car at the same location on a one-way excursion. Instead of returning your rental car to its original location, pick it up at one place and drop it off at another.

You can hire a one-way car from Car Rental Kigali and spend more time traveling at your own speed without having to go back. When you reach your location, return your one-way rental car and explore the freedom of the open road.

The one-way automobile rental option offered by Car Rental Kigali is especially excellent for last-minute travel adjustments, such as missed or delayed flights. We therefore provide the greatest one-way rental deal to meet your demands, whether you’re hoping to drive across Rwanda, Kigali, or just need some extra flexibility to cross into Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, or the Congo.

Things to know about one way car rental


The matter of insurance should be taken into account while renting a car in Kigali for a single trip. Anyone visiting merely inside Rwanda’s borders must have both comprehensive and local third-party insurance. But you’ll need COMESA Insurance or the local third-party insurance for the nation you’re visiting if you plan to cross the border into any of the following: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, and so on. The cost of insurance varies depending on where and for how long you are considering hiring.

Mechanical Help

In order to settle on damages in the event of a delay, it is crucial to agree on how long it will take the automobile rental company to provide you with technical assistance. You could lose a whole day without getting paid if the mechanical help time period isn’t agreed upon, as the contract already accounts for the possibility of mechanical failures.

Pick Up and Drop off Charges

A price is typically charged for both the pick-up and drop-off of a one-way car rental. For example, there are no pick-up fees if you rent a car in Kigali, but there are fees if you leave it off in Kampala or Nairobi. Because fuel prices are always fluctuating, the charges are also uncertain. But depending on where you are picking up and dropping off, the majority of reputable car rental companies in East Africa typically charge between $200 and $1200.

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